Welcome To Leech City!

Emerging from the swamps like a primordial leech, The City of Manassas, Georgia, population 90 or so, occupies a hallowed position as the first to be granted the title of Leech City! Sucking the lifeblood out of county, state and federal taxpayers, and offering little in return in the way of culture, history or even simple recognition of law and order, the government of Manassas relentlessly squirms forward with little regard for fiscal responsibility or good governance.

Trapped inside its ravenous and insatiable maw (do leeches actually have maws, we wonder), we are in the perfect position to investigate and document its excesses and abuses of power; this blog is dedicated to that effort. But, our attention isn’t limited to this lurching, tiny monstrosity. Our attention is inexorably drawn outward to other local governments who also aspire to the title of Leech City. We intend to use facts and humor to ridicule the ridiculous, shame the shameful, and, where deserved, praise the praiseworthy.

Comments are welcome, including tips and other nominations for the title of Leech City. Competition for this coveted title is fierce, and we will heavily moderate comments to ensure that only factual information emerges. In this regard, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most of our public officials hold themselves. We will, however, follow-up on interesting tips, using all the legal means at our disposal, which are formidable. Along the way, we’ll teach you those techniques, so that you, too, can become a leech watcher.

We’ll also feature a Leech of the Week from time to time, highlighting the lifetime achievements of those officials whose deeds and words indicate that their role in public service is for self-aggrandizement and comfort, rather than as our servants. Join us as we help them understand the value of civic responsibility, as they compete for Leech of the Year!

Have a hot tip on a public leech, or know someone who has been targeted by a local petty tyrant? Have a public interest event coming up? To let us know about anything of interest to the community, see the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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6 years 10 months ago
Congratulations on your efforts to expose the leeches. Sadly, I’d bet that more communities are on the take in this country than not. The grifters build their own little fiefdoms of graft and corruption to serve themselves. It’s not just our communities that are infected with leeches, even innocuous things like hobby clubs are corrupt in my experience. Unfortunately the corruption starts at the very top and even higher but that’s a story for another day. Trickle down economics was big failure but trickle down immorality was a smashing success! Monkey see, monkey do. Tomorrow, the election will either lead… Read more »