Audrey’s Resignation

We’ve been asked several times why Audrey resigned her seat on the Manassas city council. This is a legitimate question which deserves a complete answer. The best answer is given by her resignation letter, which is on file with the election officials in Reidsville, and reads as following, in full:

Audrey Baugh
P.O. Box 535
Hagan, GA 30429
30 March 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I hereby resign my position as Councilwoman in the city of Manassas, Georgia effective immediately.

I do not take this action lightly, but feel that it is necessary. After I attended the state-mandated training session for newly elected officials, I discovered that the city seems to have several deficiencies in regard to both state law and the municipal charter. After bringing these apparent deficiencies to light it appears to me that the city is unwilling to take effective and timely corrective action to resolve those deficiencies or to even discuss them objectively and openly. This observation is further supported by the animosity repeatedly displayed by the city government toward a citizen asking for access to public documents.

I will not continue to participate in what I believe is an emotionally charged, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants government which could very well put the city’s citizens at risk.

Best regards,

Audrey Baugh

There you have it. Not mentioned is the attempt on the 29th of March by the city clerk to hand Audrey a sealed envelope, or that the very first act after taking office was to be suckered into an illegal private meeting.

This suckering of newbies continues. Minutes after taking office, Councilwoman Emily Callaway voted to approve minutes for a meeting she did not attend, and later voted to approve an end-run around the formal budgeting process. It will be interesting to see through what self-incriminating hoops they get her to jump.

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