Library Mushroom Class A Success!

Previously, we announced a class on mushrooms at the library in Reidsville. Once again, Stephanie and the team found a winner! Ancil Jacques, of Swampy Appleseed, gave an interesting interactive lecture to a packed house (about 30 people) on local mushrooms and their uses. Among many topics, he dispelled some myths about which mushrooms are edible and which ones are not. He also provided many tips for cultivating mushrooms, and brought along several demonstrations of simple cultures in bags, buckets and logs.

Afterward, there was an online contest, and about two-thirds of the attendees participated. The winners received some of the sample cultures, which was a nice treat.

It was great to meet a bunch of people who are as interested in self-reliance as we are. Thanks again to Stephanie for hosting this, and for asking us to spread the invitation.

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