Mayor Rogers Limits Citizen Comments

“You hush up your mouth!” howled the mighty King Yertle.
“You’ve no right to talk to the world’s highest turtle.”
from “Yertle the Turtle”, by Dr. Seuss

At February’s city council meeting, Manassas Mayor Wanda “Yertle” Rogers issued a new edict limiting citizen comments at the end of city council meetings. Video of this Marxist new policy is provided below:

Note the denial that this is a new policy. Evasion and denial is an important feature of the Manassas government, so we’re not surprised that she would try this new approach, and then deny that it is a new approach, yet glancingly concede that it may have been prompted by our previous interview of Councilman Michael Godbee in January (Godbee is absent in the video above). The Dr. Seuss world of Manassas doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to entertain.

While a city (or county) government body can restrict citizen comments or questions during meetings, or forbid them entirely, it is rarely done, and when it does, citizens become justifiably suspicious of what the officials are trying to hide. Even more so when an official has created a ridiculous criminal allegation against a citizen after that citizen merely presented a lawful records request and insisted that the city government follow state law. Only recently, Reidsville considered such a muzzling policy, then quickly backed off of it after realizing that it would cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, it appears that Manassas intends to dig in its heels, leaving us all with having to assume the worst when silence prevails.

In other news, Mayor Yertle claims to have been advanced to the position of President of the Tattnall Chapter of the Georgia Municipal Association. If true (her claims are becoming increasingly less credible the more we dig into city operations), this could prove to be most embarrassing.


Mayor Yertle enjoys a private moment in the Leech City swamp after her coronation as GMA Chapter President.




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