Water Works and Crocodile Smiles

At the Manassas city council meeting on Monday, 10 Apr 2017, I briefly spoke to a guest speaker before the show meeting. The guest was there to share her expertise on third party water system management, a topic for an upcoming article. However, like an amateur video accidentally catching Bigfoot playing poker with aliens, a review of this exchange revealed a hilarious reaction by city officials to this brief conversation.

In the video below, notice the looks of concern on the faces of Councilwoman Tonya Edwards, Mayor Wanda Rogers, and Councilman Shawn Edwards. Halfway through, they relax, thinking it is over, and then, suddenly, it isn’t.

Note also that Tonya, of quoth the GMA fame, composes herself with one of her characteristic crocodile smiles as the guest, off-screen to the right, turns her attention back to the front. We’ve learned to pay careful attention to any subject for which that smile, usually reserved for guests, appears.

Now, as silly as these reactions appear, I predict that the council will come up with a new rule: “no citizens may converse with guests before or after meetings”. It would make as much sense as Mayor Wanda Rogers’ Yertle Rule, which, at the April meeting, manifested as no public comments or questions at all.

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